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Woodlands Academy Makes a Difference Through Dance

A little good goes a long way, but the way is so much shorter when you dance.

Students at Woodlands Academy made a difference in their community by participating in an AIM2Cure fundraiser to cure cancer. In cooperation with Danza Dance Academy and Douglas County High School, students and teachers learned choreography for a flash mob to be held at the DCHS boys’ soccer game last August. “We encourage our students to look outside the school and see where they can make a positive impact,” says Beth Moreau, instructor. Beyond challenging them academically, Woodlands Academy offers students opportunities to revolutionize their world one small step at a time.

Rehearsals for this flash mob were full of laughter and hilarity as Danza Dance instructor, Denise Danzo, led students during school and after hours in practices with DCHS Poms and cheerleaders. Participating teacher, Dottie Bass, said most elementary students were able to grasp the choreography, but “even if they hadn’t, we all had such a great time. It was exhilarating to know that we could dance and raise money for such a great cause.”

AIM2Cure is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds for research dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancers. According to their website, AIM2Cure.com, childhood cancer kills more children and teenagers than any other disease. While adult cancers are rarely found in children, some types of cancer are specifically attacking the young. Children with Down Syndrome are 18 times more likely to contract one of these types of cancer. A child was the inspiration for this nonprofit. Alyiah Siddiqui passed away on April 9, 2010, but AIM2Cure carries on in her memory, not only donating to research, but also to families struggling with childhood cancer. They offer a support system for these kids and their families, a refuge during a devastating time of loss and pain.

“Being a part of this flash mob made me feel like I could make a difference for someone my age. It was powerful,” says Kailani, a 5th grader at Woodlands. Students like Kailani gathered together to support kids and families suffering, and they were able to make a difference while having a blast. You can see the video of the flash mob by going to AIM2Cure’s Facebook page.