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About Woodlands

Founded in 2004, Woodlands Academy was created to meet an educational need that we felt was under-served by the current educational opportunities available in Douglas County, Colorado. This year Woodlands is proud to be celebrating our 10th Anniversary. We understand how difficult it is to choose the best educational experience for each child and we appreciate your interest. 

Woodlands Academy helps students expand their academic horizons in a structured but flexible classroom setting. Small class sizes (6-12 students) and dedicated teachers ensure that your child will receive individual attention and opportunities to grow intellectually and socially. Woodlands Academy provides your child with in-depth studies in all core curriculum classes and opportunities to explore a variety of elective courses while emphasizing math, technology, science, literacy skills, history and foreign language. 

"There is a standing danger that the material of formal education 
will be merely the subject matter of the schools, isolated from the subject matter of life experience."
- John Dewey

Education at Woodlands Academy has a strong experiential component to ensure that life experience and formal schooling are balanced, not at odds with each other. We recognize that hands-on experience complements traditional classroom learning to deepen our students' understanding. For example, Fridays at Woodlands are scheduled with flexible blocks of time to allow for project-based learning. Long-term, hands-on projects are an important component in a number of academic subjects, including history, science and technology. 

At Woodlands, art education is a tool for expression that the human brain uses every second. It has been proven that early exposure to art and music promotes activity in the brain for life. Participating in art activities is necessary for self-development of discipline, problem-solving skills, respect and self motivation. At Woodlands Academy, art is used to grow our students, just as water is used to grow plants. We encourage students to express themselves through a variety of mediums. Public schools cutting back on art education at the elementary and middle school levels do a great disservice to the children obtaining an education at those institutions. Fortunately, Woodlands Academy has maintained art as part of the academic curriculum and believes a child is not completely educated unless art is integrated into their learning.

We believe that tests alone, while a useful form of assessment, cannot paint a complete picture of what students know or who they are. Similarly, different styles of learning will appeal to different students. Woodlands teachers strive to vary the form of instruction and assessment so that all students can discover and hone their personal strengths. At Woodlands Academy, we want to foster well-rounded, confident students who will be well prepared for the challenges of high school, college and adulthood. Our experiential learning component helps to foster these competencies, and in the process, our students have a lot of fun!

Our motto: ālīs volat propriīs means "to fly on one's own wings" and is representative of our ultimate objective with each and every student.  The elementary and middle school years are often overlooked. Too many students in these grades are consigned to moving along at a pace that does not challenge them, learning to do only the minimum required to "get by," instead of being motivated to do their best. This doesn't happen at Woodlands because students are individually and actively engaged throughout their education. There's no such thing as "hiding in the back of the room." 

In our Primary Program for grades 1-3, students are exposed to a diversity of academics several years in advance of most other school programs. We offer a well-rounded education with an emphasis on phonics and mastery of the basics in all academic areas, maximizing success in your child’s educational future. The curriculum for grades 4-8 uses the well-known Core Knowledge scope and sequence as a guide, with frequent opportunities for in-depth study of topics.  

About "Core Knowledge" Sequence

Woodlands Academy uses the principles of the Core Knowledge scope and sequence as a foundation of their curriculum, but does not stricly follow the formal Core Knowledge curriculum. The Core Knowledge scope and sequence was founded in 1986 by E. D. Hirsh, Jr. an American educator and academic literary critic who, until recently was the University Professor of Education and Humanities and the Linden Kent Memorial Professor Emeritus of English at the Univesity of Virgina. He is perhaps best known for his widely-reviewed, New York Times best-selling book Cultural Literary.  

Core Knowledge is an educational reform movement based on the premise that a grade-by-grade core of common learning is necessary to ensure a sound and fair elementary education. Based on a body of research in cognitive psychology and school systems operating worldwide, Core Knowledge posits that, in order to attain academic excellence, greater fairness, and higher literacy, early education curriculum should be solid, specific, shared, and sequenced. By teaching a body of specific, lasting knowledge in a way that allows children to succeed by gradually building on what they already know, the Core Knowledge mission is to provide all children, regardless of background, with the shared knowledge they need to be included in our national literate culture.

The Core Knowledge sequence and scope is a thoroughly researched educational approach that has been positively reviewed by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and administrators from the Oklahoma City Publics Schools organization. Presently, Core Knowledge has been incorporated into more than 50 schools in Colorado. You can read summaries of the Core Knowledge research HERE.

NOTE: Core Knowledge is completely unrelated to the Common Core Initiative presently and controversially being implemented across the country at the endorsement of the current Presidential administration.

Extracurricular Activities

Woodlands Academy offers a number of extracurricular activities throughout the year (including during the summer break). Some of these activities include: ChessDramaChoirKarate, and Robotics (Lego League).

School Calendar

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