• Request an Information Packet
  • Schedule an Interview & Visit
  • Two-Day Shadow Trial
  • Placement Testing
  • Admissions Application
Request an Information Packet

We'd be happy to send you an information pack about Woodlands via postal mail.  The packet contains more information about the Woodlands Curriculum, the Core Knowledge scope and sequence, and Admissions information. 

Schedule an Interview & School Visit

Woodlands Academy requires an initial 45 minute visit by the propsective students' parents.  It is preferred that both parents be present for the initial visit, if possible, and it is requested that the prospective students not be present for the initial visit. This visit is an adult-only visit with the school's headmaster.  If the parents are still interested in admission for their child(ren) after the first visit, then a second visit is scheduled for an interview of the prospective students' with the school's headmaster. Interviews are held with the Woodlands headmaster on Thursdays; however, other arrangements can be made if this is not possible.  Please give us a call to schedule an interview and school visit at (303) 814-8582.
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Two-Day Shadow Trial

Subsequent to the Interview, prospective students are encouraged to experience and one-to-two day-long shadow trial at Woodlands.  Prospective students will be paired up with an existing Woodlands student approximating their age and will get a feel for the structure of the Woodlands experience.  The cost shadow trial is included in your application fee. 

Placement Testing

All prospective students are required to take a placement test. This test is given at the school and is individually administered. Woodlands Academy uses the Woodcock-Johnson Exam. You can read more about this exam HERE. This well-established test is used for many reasons, "including planning educational and individual programs, diagnosing learning disabilities, and research and growth assessment. The test has been found to be especially helpful in the identification and documentation of discrepancies between one’s ability and achievement level." The testing cost is included in your application fee.

Admissions Application

If you are ready to apply to Woodlands Academy you may request the admissions application HERE.  A $100 application fee is due at the time of submission.  Payment of the application fee can be paid via personal check made to "Woodlands Academy" or to pay via credit card.