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Therese Martin - Karate Instructor

Mrs. Martin holds a third-degree black belt in Okinawan Karate. Several afternoons each week, students stop referring to her as "Mrs. Martin" and start referring to her as "Sensei" – the Japanese term for teacher – as she also heads the Woodlands Martial Arts Club. 
  •   Extracurricular Activities & Staff
Donald Cofer - Acting Coach

Don Cofer has been performing and directing community theater since 1972. A theater arts major in college, he has facilitated other workshops at Woodlands in the past. "Mr. Dude", as the kids call him, is a devotee of the Stanislavsky Method of acting, and brings that commitment to authenticity into his Actors' Workshop here at Woodlands. He is convinced anyone can be taught the Method and believes the future of modern theater lies in our young actors.     
Tommy Thompson - Chess Coach

Tommy Thompson has been playing chess for over 50 years. He has studied with champion chess players and brings his passion for the game to our Chess Club. Pawn to Queen Bishop Three! 

Mr. Thompson also serves as Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Woodlands Academy

Daeron Cofer - Robotics Coach

Mr. Cofer teaches our Middle School Technology program and coaches our Lego League Robotics and NREL Solar/Lithium Car teams.  He will also serve as our Information Technologies Director.  

Nathan Thompson - Choir Director

Nathan Thompson joined Singing Youth of Denver, a local a capella chorus, in 1995 and has continued to be involved in youth choral music ever since.  He has spent over a decade with SYD as a member and as assistant director, and has worked with other youth choruses and choirs in California and in Washington. Don't miss a single one of the WA Choir concerts--even the rehearsals are amazing!