Ann Stump - Teacher

Mrs. Stump has a Masters in Curriculum Design & Instruction with an emphasis in Educational Brain Research, and a Bachelor‘s in Elementary Education.  She brings twenty years of classroom experience to Woodlands. Her credentials in education at all levels, including assessments, special needs, reading readiness and literacy are too numerous to list.

Her warm personality and wealth of experience are utilized to the benefit of the littlest Woodlanders, as well as students who may struggle with reading at any level. Her love is all for the little ones, opening up the wonders of reading to the early primary students in first and second grade.
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Therese Martin - Headmaster* & Teacher

Mrs. Martin is one of the founders of Woodlands Academy and has lived in Castle Rock for more than 20 years. Her diverse and comprehensive formal education, unique upbringing, and extensive worldly travels make her uniquely and exceptionally qualified to head a transformational school like Woodlands Academy.

Mrs. Martin grew up traveling with her parents throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe while her father worked as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State.   After her father retired, she lived in the Silicon Valley area of California for 25 years until moving to Castle Rock.
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Therese (pronounced 'terr'-'ez') began her professional career in financial services, but then switched to education when she decided to home school her four children. After earning two Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts degrees, a Master’s in Education from Regis University, scoring an incredible 296 out of a possible 300 on the PLACE Colorado Teachers’ Examinations in Elementary Education, and passing the Secondary English, Secondary Social Studies, and Special Education exams on her first attempt (a rare feat), Mrs. Martin began teaching children in Douglas County.  

In addition to presently overseeing the Middle School curriculum and the overall operations of Woodlands Academy, Mrs. Martin contributes Latin, German, and French languages to the Woodlands' Foreign Language team, and other classes such as History. 

In 2007, she and another Woodlands co-founder headed a team of teachers to the country of Ghana (the Volta region of Africa) to instruct over 800 elementary teachers on the challenging task of educating disabled children. 

Lastly, Therese holds a third-degree black belt in Okinawan Karate. Several afternoons each week, students stop referring to her as "Mrs. Martin" and start referring to her as "Sensei" – the Japanese term for teacher – as she also heads the Woodlands Martial Arts Club. 

* While the historical term for her position is technically "Headmistress," Therese has elected to use the term "Headmaster" as she sees no need for or value in such a term being gender-specific.

Dawn Cofer - Assistant Headmaster & Teacher

Mrs. Cofer has extensive experience teaching grade levels K-12 throughout the greater Denver area. For more than 10 years, she has taught at private, public, parochial, and charter schools.  A life-long Colorado resident, Mrs. Cofer holds a degree in history and elementary education from Metro State.  Furthermore, she is presently a candidate for a Master’s degree in Administrative Leadership from Regis University.  
Leslie Kiehn - Teacher

Originally from Washington State, Mrs. Kiehn is a 2003 graduate of Washington State University.  Not only is she an experienced elementary teacher with added proficiency in technology integration and differentiated instruction, she brings a passion to teaching that is hard to find.  She is dedicated and goal-driven, with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every student.  
Lori Strobel - Teacher

Ms. Strobel has a Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of New Mexico and is working on her Master’s at the University of Colorado-Denver.  She started in financial services and retirement planning and left that field for the more gratifying field of education.  

After a scoring a phenomenal 193/200 on the PRAXIS II Elementary Education exam, she has been teaching in Colorado since 2010. Ms. Strobel has extensive experience with Core Knowledge scope and sequence – the foundation of Woodlands' curriculum.
Jane Jordan - Teacher

While Ms. Jordan's true passion and qualification is in the areas of middle school science and geography, she is also able to teach high school level math and other primary core subjects.  
Ms. Jordan serves on our Foreign Language team as her certification is in Spanish. She has experience teaching in Spanish-speaking countries such as Chile.  

Her warm heart and compassionate nature are well known to Woodlands parents.
Daeron Cofer - Teacher

Mr. Cofer is a current member of Woodlands' Board of Directors and a former Woodlands teacher.  Having spent five years as an administrator and dean for a charter school, Mr. Cofer now brings that experience and knowledge to Woodlands as our expert on compliance with the latest in education law and best practices.  

Mr. Cofer teaches our Middle School Technology program and coaches our Lego League Robotics and NREL Solar/Lithium Car teams.  He will also serve as our Information Technologies Director.  

Michael Martin - Facilities Manager

Mr. Martin is a retired electronics engineer with over 30 years in the telecommunications industry pioneering with companies like Sprint and associating with Silicon Valley giants Hewlett-Packard and Agilent technologies. Mr. Martin presently serves as the Woodlands Facilities Manager.
Mrs. Cofer's competencies in assessment, Master's candidacy, and administrative qualifications make her an excellent addition to Woodlands.   She oversees the Elementary program coordinating instruction for grades 1-5 and provides challenging instruction in Middle School Language Arts.  

In 2013, Mrs. Cofer was re-appointed to Woodlands' Board of Directors after serving on the Board in 2009 and 2010.
Mrs. Kiehn has six years of classroom experience and puts her knowledge of the latest in classroom technology to good use here at Woodlands Academy.  Her experience and college qualifications also make her a valuable asset in the area of physical education/fitness/health, which is an important part of a well-rounded student’s curriculum.  
Proficient in Spanish, Ms. Strobel has also taught at a bilingual school in El Salvador, Central America.  She is a part of our Foreign Language team and teaches most of the upper elementary core subjects, which is her preferred level of instruction.   

In addition to academic excellence and shining intelligence, Ms. Strobel provides a warm, welcoming environment in her classroom and engages students with her enthusiastic and creative approach to teaching. 
Angela Schwarte - Teacher

Mrs. Schwarte is originally from the state of Iowa. She holds a Bachelor's in Elementary Education with a Minor in Music, a Master's Degree in Educational Administration, and is a Title 1 Reading/Math specialist. Angela has been teaching children since 1998, and has taught grades K-12 at private and Christian schools in Alaska, Idaho, Texas, Tennessee and South Dakota. She has also worked for the US Department of Defense while living in Germany.

Mrs. Schwarte is Woodlands' music teacher.