My time at Woodlands Academy played an instrumental role in my growth and development as a contributing member of society. The three years I spent at the school changed my life for the better, as I was able to learn the skills necessary to surpass the challenges of both secondary and higher level education. 

Not only did the staff of Woodlands Academy facilitate the learning process, they also fostered friendships between themselves and the students. This relationship lead to a mutual understanding of where the students were and where they needed to be with respect to learning and comprehending the significance of the material. I was able to learn proper presentation skills, public speaking, teamwork, as well as friendly competitiveness which gave us the drive to do our best and to learn from our peers. 

Woodlands Academy was not just a place of learning, but also a playground for the development of lasting friendships and social skills. I know that my time at Woodlands allowed me to have a unique and enormously enjoyable experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

- Paul B
Woodlands Class of 2008

Woodlands Academy provided me with a foundation in the core areas of education that prepared me to use my time in high school as deeply as possible. The small class sizes and devoted teachers made learning an intimate and personal experience, and instilled within me an enthusiasm for learning which grew into a passion that, after further development over the past four years, is now carrying me on into college. As I prepare to pursue a double major in Classical and Germanic Studies, I am constantly reminded of my personal debt to Woodlands Academy for concretely introducing me to both of these subjects. 

Though a middle school by name, Woodlands gave me intense preparation in Latin and German that I can confidently say hardly another school could provide. Daily, I reap the life enriching fruit of cultural awareness and bilingualism whose seeds were sown seven years ago by skilled and challenging teachers. This experience with the liberal arts however, was my unique experience. My fellow alumni each experienced Woodlands differently and fittingly walked away with a different set of gifts. One thing is certain: They are gifts which could not have been given without that Geist of the pursuit of excellence which so uniquely sculpts the Woodlands experience.

- Jake C
Woodlands Class of 2009

If I were to name the primary source of where I obtained attributes such as leadership, responsibility and excellence in work, I would credit it to Woodlands Academy… During my years as a student at Woodlands Academy I came to the realization of the importance of creating my own destiny. I was able to flourish in an environment that placed great importance on the strength of morals and virtues, as well as pride in academic and social success… Woodlands truly opened my eyes to the ideals of seeing beneath the surface and wanting to know more.

- Yasmine L
Woodlands Class of 2012

A great deal of my achievement in high school can be attributed to the teachings at Woodlands Academy. Work ethic, high standards and good moral character, just to name a few, are qualities I believe I possess, in large part due to my five years attending Woodlands Academy. The rigor has well prepared me for Advanced Placement Classes, not to mention given me a willingness bordering on excitement to work and do well. If a student and their parents are willing to accept and put up with a difficult course and high standards earlier on, it will be well worth it in the future just as it has been for me.

- Alaric R
Woodlands Class of 2011 

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Student Testimonials